I believe all women possess an inherent mystery, strength and sensuality. Femininity, energy and grace are intertwined,  and are underlying themes in her art work.

We are caught in a world where a dichotomy has been created between sensuality and feminism. Women’s power and grace should not fit someone’s else's mold. Beauty comes in many different forms and it is a mistake to label a sensual, feminine woman as fragile or weak. 

I am always thinking about the women who came before me and how they navigated their lives. My grandmothers were hardworking and strong, yet quite chic and cosmopolitan.

There is so much more to the female story than we are often aware of. It is a story of poetry. It contains rage, lust, strength, joy and ultimately grace . I want the combination of these traits to culminate in my work. 

Light and truth are often best experienced indirectly. I want my work to linger in the delicate and memorable ‘thin place’ of your psyche. I want my work to make an emotional impression so you will ask yourself what you might not be seeing on the surface.

I want to portray a strong sense of romance via light, subject matter and brush stroke. Brush stroke specifically inherent to the sensual and feminine form. The human form and nature are organic, and comprise of soft, yet energetic feminine lines.